What Are People Saying?

"Cantando Festivals are an amazing musical oasis for the young musicians of North America. Being able to perform for these students is always unforgettable exciting and regenerating!"
- James Walker, Guest soloist

"I want to thank you for inviting the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble to perform at this year’s Whistler Festival. It was really a joy to perform for such and large and enthusiastic audience, and I know my students appreciated the opportunity to “pay it forward” by creating as much excitement among the young musicians as they could muster!"
-Dr. Rob Taylor, UBC Conductor

"Cantando sets a new standard for music festivals. My musicians loved every minute of it!"
- Colin Clarke, Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra

"We had a great tour! So much fun! Great adjudicators and opportunities for students at the festival with the mass choir, girls and boys voices clinics and great concerts to watch. Our students loved the opportunity to perform in the adjudicators choice concert!"
- Heidi Wood, Lord Beaverbrook Choir

"What a GREAT time we had at Cantando. I don’t know how it could have been better and thanks for giving us hot weather pool days. We had a great travel and festival schedule, we had a great hotel, we had great meals, we had great weather! I have never seen so many happy girls over a period of 4 days with no issues at all. The girls are glowing as we debrief and I will recommend that the Whistler Cantando be a continuing event and I will now retire with great memories from my time at CGS."
- Dr. Donald Christianson, Calgary Girls School

"Just wanted to tell you how much we loved every moment of our trip. Your attention to detail is outstanding and we truly appreciate your work making this trip a lifelong memory for our students😊"
- Anita Anton, Cardinal Carter Catholic Toronto

"Attending a Cantando Festival must be on your To-Do list for this coming year! The music-making is incredible in both quality and quantity. You have to be here to experience everything around you, and that's what music is all about. If words were enough, we'd just read about music. Come to a Cantando Festival for an amazing experience you'll always remember with a smile"
- Jeff Nelson,  Indiana U. Professor, former Canadian Brass member and Guest horn soloist, 2013

"Between the musical excitement indoors,and breathtaking nature outdoors, Cantando is a fantastic place for a spring escape!"
- Dr. Gillian MacKay, Associate Dean, Graduate Education University of Toronto

"The University of Manitoba Wind Ensemble has performed at Cantando Festivals on several occasions, and we've always had outstanding experiences. The Winspear Hall in Edmonton is a sonic marvel, and our audiences have been enthusiastic and appreciative. Cantando is a great time for everyone!."
- Dr. Fraser Linklater, Associate Professor & Director of Bands University of Manitoba

"I had an amazing time at the Cantando festivals...the students were highly motivated ......The big band was top notch and I loved playing with them and The Royal Canadian Artillery Wind ensemble in Edmonton was great…..the UBC wind orchestra in Whistler was also terrific.   Definitely a wonderful  experience for me.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to perform with these high level ensembles."
- Eddie Daniels (clarinet soloist 2014)

"Cantando: an inspirational event highlighted by music, nature and new friendships."
- Allen Vizzutti (trumpet soloist 2013)

"The Cantando Festival is an outstanding performance opportunity for wind bands with receptive audiences of peers, adjudicators of distinction and a fabulous world-class concert hall. I look forward to taking my own wind group to Cantando so they can experience what I did."
- Jeremy S. Brown, Professor, U of Calgary

"The Cantando Festival must rank as one of the finest of its kind in North America. Excellent performance venues, including the superb Winspear Centre for Music, outstanding clinicians and very efficient organization have combined to make this one of the most attractive festivals for bands and choirs to attend anywhere."
Leonard Ratzlaff, AOE, CM Chair, Music Department U of A

"I appreciate the Cantando festival for the simple reason that it supports the musical arts unlike any other festival. The main goals are educational and musical; all ensembles work with North America's most sought-after adjudicators in clinics and in a non-competitive environment. All this all takes place in the beautiful acoustical setting of the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in downtown Edmonton".
-William Street, Associate Dean, San Jose State College

"Our students had excellent adjudications, top-notch clinics, great concerts and had a great time overall"
- Cameron Friesen, Morden Collegiate

"Thanks for a wonderful festival - we had a great time and learned a great deal as always" - Mike Doogan-Smith, Smithers Secondary

"Thank you so much for a wonderful time at the Cantando festival, it was an experience we won't soon forget. The privilege of playing and conducting in the Winspear will always be a highlight for me" - Emily Friesen, Sisler High School

I had the pleasure of adjudicating at the 2005 non-competitive Cantando Music Festival where I had the delightful experience of hearing groups in the fabulous Winspear Centre for Music. I left the festival feeling uplifted and refreshed as did reportedly the groups who attended. Bravo, Cantando!- Dennis Tupman, Adjudicator

Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work – we had a very enjoyable experience at the 2005 festival. My students came away very inspired which I am very pleased about. As you know, those things are crucial when trying to build a program. It was great to have such a warm reception as an orchestra and we are especially grateful for the string workshops and Tanya’s guest conducting session. I appreciate that you went out of your way to provide those activities specifically for us so once again, thank you” - Tanya Lamb, Manitoba orchestral director

"This was our first time attending this festival. Having heard so many great things about the festival, we finally had a chance to try it out. I can’t say enough on how refreshing the experience was. The adjudicators were fantastic. The non-competitive nature of the festival was supported by every instructor and was embraced by all the students and teachers involved. Thank you for an amazing musical experience and learning opportunity for my music students... I highly recommend this festival - high marks for sure!" - Kathy Fester, Heritage Woods Secondary School Port Moody, BC

"Thanks so much for such a fantastic trip. Of all the trips that I have taken my choir on, this was definitely the best. The hotel was a lot of fun, Whistler Village feels so safe, the scenery is memorable, the clinicians were excellent, the concerts were great, and the massed choir was such a positive experience. My students, and my parent chaperones, can't say enough good things. Thanks for all of your excellent communication in helping us organize this." - Jean-Marie Michaud, Seattle Youth Choir and Eckstein Middle School Choir

"Templeton had an excellent time at Whistler.. Well organized event, with friendly and passionate volunteer staff. The students enjoyed the accommodations and the music events (especially M-Pact performance). I really appreciate the process vs. outcome oriented philosophy the festival used to encourage student growth and music development. The clinicians were excellent. We had a phenomenal time and look forward to planning our trip with you next year. Many thanks!" - Alison Yau, Templeton High School Choir

"Just a quick note on how much we loved the festival and all the choral activities. The Mass choir was our favourite with 600 students rocking it out with M-pacts and Stevie Wonder. Overall, we had a great time at the Festival, as did all of our students! Thanks for everything" - Sarah Schaub, Archbishop Jordon Choir, Sherwood Park

"The Cantando Music Festival is a truly transformative experience in the educational and artistic development of young musicians. The combination of high caliber clinicians, adjudicators, and guest artists, along with the breath-taking backdrop of the festival locations themselves, are among the most impressive of any festival we've been a part of. We can't wait to work with them again!" - Jeff Smith, Artistic Director, M-pact