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The Edmonton Cantando Festival is now celebrating its 3rd decade in in the Winspear Centre for Music. We have some great things planned for this special event and know that your students will leave the festival inspired and motivated to continued improving their musical skills.

Updates regarding all aspects of the festival will be added on an ongoing basis. Check the “Schedule” tab to determine a time that works best for you - this will be available in July 2022. Don’t forget that band performances occur on one day and the band workshops on the following day. Choir performances occur in the morning with workshops in the afternoon and jazz performances are immediately followed by workshops. Venues for the various events will also be updated however all band performances and evening concerts will occur in the Winspear Centre for Music.  

To register for the festival, click the “Register” tab and scroll through the various options – be sure to check the “Fees” tab as well so you are aware of all costs. The “Package” tab will be updated in the late fall and gives very specific information about all aspects of the festival. It is very important to read this carefully so you can plan all aspects of your trip to Edmonton. The “Adjudicators” tab will be updated throughout the fall but will include bios of adjudicators selected for the festival. The “Program” tab includes information on the evening concerts including guest ensembles and soloists and in some cases, the specific program they will be performing.

For more information on the festival, contact the Director, Dennis Prime, at dprime@cantando.org or assistant, Kelsey Moore, at kelsey@cantando.org