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**Please check regularly for updates**

Required Documentation

In order to make things run a little smoother, we require some information from you ahead of time. Listed below are documents to download, fill out and email back to Kelsey ASAP

  1. Ensemble Seating Chart:
  2. Ensemble Biography and Repertoire list (this is what the MC will use to introduce your ensemble)

***one per ensemble***


PSP Sundance is the official photographer for the festival. Bring your pre-filled order form with you to the photography session. They will be at the festival for both days for all ensembles. Note that photographs will be printed on site so that you can take them home with you. Last year, photographs taken during the day were available for pickup later that evening at the evening concert. Groups can schedule their photo-shoot after their workshop or performance depending on their workshop time.

Concert & Reception Schedule

We have an exciting series of evening concerts in the Conference Centre on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, which are free for participants. Because of the huge enrollment and the limited space in our concert venue, we are scheduling groups for all our concerts. Please check the program tab closer to the Festival for when your ensemble is assigned to attend. We are also featuring two special noon hour concerts for students on Saturday noon.


All conductors must bring copies of scores for the adjudicators. Please note the number required below, in addition to the score you will be using yourself:

  • Choral: 3 copies of each selection
  • Jazz Ensemble: 1 copy of each selection
  • Concert Band: 3 copies of each selection

Concert Band Participants

Check-in and Warm-Up
You must check in at the Registration desk and drop off your scores at least 45 minutes before your performance time. The warm-up room is available 20 minutes before your performance and one of our Cantando red-shirted volunteers will take your band there. Chairs and a limited number of stands (but NO percussion) are available. Please warm up quickly and be prepared to move to the stage once notified. Please note: this is a warm up room NOT a rehearsal room. 5 minutes before your performance, you will be taken to the ballroom for your performance.

One amp is provided on-stage. If you require more, please bring your own plus extension cords.

A list of available percussion is here

Your allotted time on stage includes coming on and off stage, and any percussion set-up that you require, in addition to your actual performance. We suggest that you use as much of your time on stage for performance – NOT for re-tuning the ensemble. Please note that depending on the size of your ensemble, there may be extra chairs and stands, or some rearranging may be needed. Our red-shirted volunteers will be able to help.

We do have a recommended list here. We are trying to promote quality repertoire and this is a major concern of the adjudicators. They will make comments on the quality of your selections as well as the quality of your performance so choose repertoire carefully.

Adjudication Workshops
50 minute workshops in the lower venues are scheduled throughout the day (not neccessarily following directly after your performance). One of the volunteers, in a bright red Cantando shirt, will lead your ensemble to this room. Note: it is not the same room as your warm-up room, so please do not go without an escort. Be sure to talk with the adjudicator about the format for this and discuss your expectations of the time they spend with you. Let them know about your own specific situation so they can help make recommendations with everything from intonation to scheduling!

Make sure you are available for the entire clinic, as the adjudicators will be designing the clinic for you and your band. Your written adjudication, and music scores from your performance will be included with your adjudication packet. These can be picked up from the adjudicator immediately following the workshop.  

Listening Opportunity
Be sure to schedule time for your students to hear other groups. Expose your students to the music-making of others. In the past, several band directors have asked their own students to act as judges themselves - analyzing strengths and weakness of other groups, listening critically to the music, their own sections, solo parts, etc. Several use standard adjudication forms for their students to make comments about other groups. This is a terrific idea, and I encourage you to think about doing it.

Instrumental Masterclasses
Students will spend 50 minutes in instrumental clinics with specialists on their instruments. You are welcome to attend and move from clinic to clinic.  The specific times and locations for each instrument are on our website schedule.

Choral Participants

Choral performances and adjudications will occur at the Maury Young Arts Centre.

Check-in and Warm-up
You must check in at the Registration desk in Maury Young Arts Centre and drop your scores (at least) one hour before your performance time. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your performance.  A red-shirted Cantando worker will lead you to a warm-up room. You will have 30 minutes to warm up your ensemble.

Each choir has 30 minutes on stage. All choral performances occur in blocks of time that allow singers to listen to other participants. After each performance block, choirs are scheduled for 50 minute workshops with adjudicators. We suggest no more than 20 minutes of performance time. A quality acoustic piano is available only for performance as well as choral risers. Please note workshops are scheduled either in Maury Young Arts Centre or adjacent hotel venues, a short walk so plan your schedule accordingly.

The program for your performance should be varied and include solid choral values in the repertoire you choose. Express your expectations of this workshop to the adjudicator so that they may use this time to your greatest advantage.

Festival Mass Choir

All choirs are expected to sing in the mass choir performance in the Sea to Sky Ballroom on Saturday evening at the 7:00pm and 8:30pm. Please arrive on time as this will be a large choir. Students will have only a short time to get supper so please schedule accordingly. This should be a stunning performance and a great opportunity for your singers to perform with others from across western Canada.

  • Rehearsals:
    • Friday and Saturday 12:00–12:50pm in the Convention Centre Ballroom
    • As well as before the perfomance on Saturday evening at 6:30pm
  • Repertoire: The mass choir repertoire will be learned during the scheduled rehearsal times

Mass Choir Selections:

  1. Hope Lingers On - Andrea Ramsey. Published by Musicspoke: https://musicspoke.com/downloads/hope-lingers-on/
  2. Help Us Save Our Future - Alicia Jostraka
    • Go to this link: https://www.aliciajostraka.com/product-page/help-us-save-our-future-satb
    • Press the “Add to Cart” button.
    • Click on “View Cart” on the right side of the screen.
    • Change the “ 1 ” in the little box, to the number quantity that you’ll be needing, accounting for one copy per person.
    • Click on “Enter a promo code,” and enter code: “cantando” and press apply.
    • Proceed to “check out” with a credit card, or “Check out with PayPal”.
    • You will be emailed a receipt, as well as the PDF download of the music, which you can then print off for your choir.

Jazz Ensemble Participants

Jazz ensembles are scheduled for Friday and Saturday. They include a 30 minute performance in the Rainbow Theatre and a 50 minute workshop in a separate room.

A drum set, 1 bass and 1 guitar amp, and an electric piano will be provided. You can find details here. You can use your own drum set, if you like. Should you need additional equipment please bring your own.

A warm up room is available 30 minutes before your performance.  Please note: this is a warm-up, NOT a rehearsal room. 

You will have 30 minutes to perform, so time your selections accordingly.

The repertoire is up to you but should be varied in style. 

50 minute workshop with the adjudicator follows immediately after your performance. A red-shirted Cantando volunteer will take you to your location. Be sure to talk with the adjudicator about your expectations of the workshop and your own specific concerns with your ensemble.

Be sure to address any questions to us as they arise. We want to make your trip here comfortable and easy so you can focus on all the music-making surrounding you! THE EASIEST WAY TO REACH US IS VIA EMAIL.  Address your musical questions and concerns to our Director, Dennis Prime, dprime@cantando.org  and all other questions to our assistant, Kelsey Moore at kelsey@cantando.org.